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Watch Your Business Run Itself…

  •  Instant visuals generation
  • Forecast process performance
  • Automated data management

With No Work Whatsoever.

  • No-code
  • Excel import and export
  • Entirely drag-and-drop

Watch it in Action:

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Effortless. Intuitive. No More Data Disadvantage. 

Centralise Your Information

Access all your data and records on a single platform.

Make Decisions Confidently

Visualise data immediately so you can make key decisions with confidence.

Plan The Future

See your process cost adjust as you update with automatic process cost prediction.

End Multi-Tool Struggle

Eliminate dependence on multiple software and redundant solutions.

David’s Sling

World-class data management software that can stand its own against SAP and Oracle.  

Flexible To Match You

Highly customisable system fits small businesses of every kind and grows with you.


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